Online Typing Jobs

Online Typing Jobs : Keyboards and smartphones have become a vital part of our lives irrespective of the jobs we do. So, everyone has more than average typing skills and it is not just anymore about the translators, transcriptionists, or secretaries. Gradually the typing skills of people are improving which makes them suitable for work from home typing jobs and earn a handsome amount.

Online Typing Jobs
Online Typing Jobs
How does it Work?
  1. Our website has a number of typing jobs from which you need to select one.
  2. Apply for the job online.
  3. There will be a multi-stage screening process through which your application will undergo.
  4. Once selected for the job, you need to check the instructions clearly and submit them within the deadline to get paid.
Eligibility Online Typing Jobs:

You do not need to have any specific degree or certification to do these jobs. It is open for everyone.

Here are some basic requirements that have to be fulfilled for typing jobs:

  1. Fast typing skills, 10-finger key skills.
  2. A laptop or desktop.
  3. Good internet connectivity.
  4. Few free hours to spare for the job.
  5. good communication, writing and spelling skills to avoid errors.
  6. Some core subject skills to bag good typing jobs.
  7. You should be willing to re-edit a piece of content if needed.
Benefits Online Typing Jobs:
  1. Earn while working at the comfort of your home.
  2. Doesn’t need any specific certification to be eligible for the job.
  3. Good part-time job option for the students, working professionals as well as housewives.
  4. Flexible working hours that you can choose as per your availability.
Popular jobs that require good typing skills:
  1. Typists or Word Processors
  2. Web Designer/Developer: These are mainly for IT people who can type at least 45 wpm. Efficient skills in the field can boost pay as well as help candidates reach their goals easily.
  3. Transcriptionist
  4. Legal Transcribers
  5. Chat Agents: This is a support job where numerous customers have to be served every day. The workload is usually high with not so attractive payment. Many larger companies are replacing the chat agents with artificial chatbots.
  6. Data Entry Specialists
  7. Virtual Assistant
  8. They can have a range of office works such as email communication, editing, data entry.
  9. Closed Captioning and Subtitling Typing Jobs
  10. Court Reporter
  11. Journalist/Writer
  12. Secretary/Personal Assistant
  13. Translator: Typing is an essential requirement in these jobs even when artificial intelligence plays an important role.
Payment Methods Online Typing Jobs:

We use PayPal, direct account transfer or UPI pay for making the payments to candidates who successfully complete the jobs.

What other tasks can you expect from persons proficient in typing jobs?

Some tasks apart from typing, which can be performed in typing jobs include the following:

  1. Proofreading the document to avoid any minute errors.
  2. Revising the document which has been typed.
  3. Web research if demanded by the hirer.
  4. Retyping the data from the websites, PDFs, screenshots, scanned copies, or clear handwritten pages into a word document or excel sheets.
  5. Data entry into the excel sheets. This also includes typing complex mathematical expressions and chemical equations in the correct formatting.
What are the tips to follow while hiring someone for a typing job?

Follow these tips to ensure better results while hiring someone for typing job:

  1. The turnaround time for completing the job should be less. Make sure that he can complete your typing task within the deadline.
  2. Experience in completing similar jobs successfully in the past and the reviews from his previous clients to know his performance and reliability
  3. Typing speed should be good enough like over 60 words per minute. This is needed especially when you have larger documents to be typed in less time.
  4. Check if he can provide you offers when you have bulk typing jobs to be done. In this way, you can hire him at a discounted price.
  5. Ask him if he can do a small test task like retyping 2-3 pages for free to check his accuracy before hiring.
  6. An assurance to keep the data secure, which has been shared with him for typing purposes.
  7. The person should be willing to provide the final document in the format as demanded by the hirer. Some common formats include Google Docs, excel sheets, PowerPoint, and PDF.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.What are the most important aspects of a person doing typing jobs?

A person doing typing job should have a good typing speed and must be able to accurately type the content in the final document with no errors.

With regular practice for 15-30 minutes every day, anyone can become good at typing. Even if your speed is less, in the beginning, you should not give up and the speed will easily increase. This will bring a lot of opportunities for you where your typing skills will be needed.

2.How can accuracy be assured in typing jobs?

Accuracy depends on your practice level. Make sure to use the correct hand placement while learning the practicing skills until you are able to type swiftly without looking at the keyboard. This will help you better focus on the screen and correct any errors instantly when they appear.

It is essential to maintain a good posture and keep your hands in a comfortable position to ensure that you can type for longer hours without getting exhausted. The more you practice, the higher will be your speed and accuracy.

3.In typing jobs, which is considered a good typing speed?

40 words per minute are considered to be a decent typing speed for standard work efficiency. But in the case of certain jobs like a personal assistant, the typing speed needs to be even higher, i.e at least 60 words per minute.

Generally, an average person has a typical typing rate of 38-40 words per minute but professionals have 65-75 words per minute typing speed.

4.Which are the jobs that need typing skills?

There are 5 jobs that have typing as the primary requirement. These are data entry, freelance transcription jobs, assistant and secretary work, content creation, and copy editing jobs.

5.How long does it take to learn typing?

You can easily learn typing in a few days but the speed will come gradually with practice. With your 10 fingers, you can type at a speed of 15 words per minute by learning for less than 10 hours in a day. You need more than 5 hours of practice.

Since it is not feasible to learn for 10 continuously, you can start with one lesson per day for a period of 10 days and 5 days for practicing.

6.For a transcriptionist, what is the ideal typing speed expected?

60-70 words per minute are the ideal typing speed if you want to be a transcriptionist. This will help in transcribing audios in less time. As per industry standards, it takes 4 hours for transcribing an hour of audio


The best part of typing jobs is that you can set your base rate as per your experience and skills. If you are able to consistently meet the quality standards and deadlines, you can easily bag more projects and be paid higher. Want to start earning using your typing skills? Check out the jobs on our website now.

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