Who is the Supreme God in Hinduism?

Hinduism is the religion of many gods and thus is referred to as the Polytheist religion. In this situation, many people ask that If Hinduism has so many Gods, then who is the most supreme?
For many years, thousands of debates, lectures and discussions have been done on this single topic by many sages, saints and scholars. In the Vedic culture, Supreme God is known as Parmatma or Parbrahma.
In this Blog post, I will tell you about who is the supreme God in Hinduism and what’s the reason or the logic behind calling him supreme.

Why do Hinduism have so many Gods?

To understand who is the supreme god in Hindu pantheon, we would have to first understand the logic behind having so many gods. Many times Hinduism is referred to as polytheistic but actually it is monotheistic.
In the Vedic religion, the Supreme God is defined as the supreme cosmic being who pervades everything. He is often referred to as Brahman. This Brahman is said to have taken many forms to suit and adjust everybody’s needs.
You can notice that Hinduism has different types of Gods. Some are warrior gods (such as Ram and Krishna), some are peace loving (Buddha and Sai Baba), some are specific deities reigning over a particular aspect of our life (Such as Lord Shani who is the god of justice and Lord Surya who is the sun god).
Now if you see the human society, there are different types of people. Some are army soldiers, some are businessman, some are doctors while some are administrators and lawyers, judges etc.
So, in Hindu religion, there is only one god which is referred as Brahman. He is without any attributes. Only to adjust everybody’s needs, he takes many forms. Different types of people worship different types of Gods according to their own mentality and perspective.

Who is the Supreme God in Hinduism?

Now you know the reason behind why there are so many gods in Hinduism, you can guess who is the supreme god in Hinduism.
According to the scriptures, the supreme god is referred as Brahman. It is he who takes multiple forms like Shiva, Krishna, Rama, Vishnu etc.
Many people debate over who is greater in Shiva and Vishnu or Rama and Krishna or Shiva and Shakti? The answer is all are great as they all are forms of Brahman and they all are one.
This is the actual philosophy of Vedic Religion. As there are so many forms of Gods in Hinduism, it seems to be polytheistic but in reality, it is a monotheistic religion only as all Gods in end are one and equal only.

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