Who is the Most Powerful God in Hinduism?

Hinduism has many gods. For this reason, many people ask that Who is the Most Powerful God in Hinduism? 
In today’s blog post, I will tell you about Who is the Most Powerful God in Hinduism. The Hindu culture is a polytheistic religion. 
Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Mata Adishakti are considered to be the most influential and powerful Gods in the Vedic culture.

Who is the Most Powerful God?

In Hinduism, Brahman is considered to be the most supreme aspect of God. He is said to be the supreme cosmic being in this world. 
The Vedas refer to Brahman as the most supreme being in this World. All other Gods are said to be his different manifestations.
Many scholars debate over this topic that Who is the supreme God in Hinduism, is it Shiva or Vishnu or Shakti? At Metaphysical level the answer is it is Brahman. 
Brahman is the supreme and most powerful God in Hinduism. The other Gods such as Shiva, Vishnu or Shakti are considered to be his forms. 
However in the Hindu pantheon when we simply say the Hindu Gods; Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti are said to be the most powerful and influential Gods in Hindu Gods. 
All the basic texts, sects, Agamas, scriptures are based on Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Mata Adishakti. The major sects of Hinduism; Shaiva, Vaishnava & Shakt sects are worshippers of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti respectively. 
Even most of the Puranas are based on Shiva, Vishnu & Shakti aspects of god. The majority of Devtas are either avatars or worshipper of these three Gods.
Example: the 19 Forms of Shiva, the 24 Avatars of Vishnu, all the forms of Devi Shakti. To conclude, on metaphysical level, Brahman is the most powerful and supreme.
While in the Hindu pantheon; Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti are the most powerful and supreme Gods.

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is one of the supreme trinity gods of Hinduism. He is considered to do the role of a destroyer. He removes the evilness and destroys all the bad energies of this world. 
Unlike other gods, he is worshipped as an ellipsoid-shaped cylindrical form object which we know as Shivalinga
A Shivling is considered to be the symbol and representation of Lord Shiva. He has 12 most sacred temples which are known as Jyotirlingams.
Lord Shiva has a contradictory nature as he is having two forms. First is very calm and quiet which is known as Bholenath. In this form, he remains silent, and does meditation
The second one is furious and angry form known as Rudra Mahakala. When Shiva becomes angry or starts destruction, he comes in this form. In this form, he dominates over the Universe and Time. 
Bhagavan Shiva is also known for his gender equality perspective. He sees everybody as one and equal whether they are boy or girl. 
His form, Ardhanarishvara, is seen as a perfect symbol of Male and Female unity. In this form, half body is of him and the other half is of Mata Parvati. 
There are many unique and amazing facts about him, which you can read here in our article: Lesser known facts about Shiva

Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu is the preserver deity in the Supreme Trinity of Hinduism. He is one of the most popular and influential gods as well as majorly worshiped. 
The Vaishnavism sect of hindu culture is based on Lord Vishnu. He is primarily known for his Dashavatara or the ten incarnations which he takes to remove evilness from this world. 
The two major festivals of Hinduism, Diwali and Holi, are related to Lord Vishnu. Even the two sacred epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata are related to him as well. 
The Bhagavata culture and Bhakti movements were majorly based on Vishnu. Lord Vishnu in his Krishna avatar, gave the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita which is a center of Hindu scriptures.
Like Shiva’s 12 Jyotirlingas, Vishnu also has 108 sacred temples known as Divya Deshams which are considered to be very holy. 
The Famous Char Dham temples such as the Badrinath temple, Jagannath temple, Tirupati Balaji temple are of Lord Vishnu only.

Goddess Shakti

Goddess Shakti/Adishakti or Devi Durga is considered as the Mother Goddess in Hindu Texts. All the other goddesses are said to be her form. 
The most important and popular festival related with her is Navratri. Navratri means 9 night in Sanskrit language. Usually this festival is celebrated for 9 days and nights. 
Devi Durga is one of the major deities of Hindu religion and the sect Shaktism is based on following and worshiping her. 
Like Shiva’s Jyotirlingas & Vishnu’s Divya Deshams; Mata Shakti also has her 51 holy temples which are known as Shaktipeethas.

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