What is Shivling? Is it really a nuclear reactor?

shivling nuclear reactor

What is Shivling? Is it really a nuclear reactor?

Lord Shiva is one of the most worshipped and major Gods in Hinduism. In this article, I will tell you about “What is Shivling?” and is it really a “Nuclear Reactor”?


You must have seen a cylindrical object in many hindu temples garnished with flowers, tilak and being worshiped by the priests. 
In today’s blog I will tell you about that object which is called as a shivling. In Hinduism there are many amazing, fascinating gods. Just one of them is Lord Shiva. But besides being worshiped in an idol form; he is also worshiped in another form also! It is called as a shivling. 
Basically a  ling in sanskrit means symbol or sign. So shivling means the symbol of Lord Shiva.

A Shivling is a cylindrical votary object which is either made up of stone, metal, soil, graphite etc. 

It is an abstract monotheistic representation of Lord Shiva. 
The upper cylindrical part is called a Ling which represents Lord Shiva and the universe. The dish on which the ling is kept is known as a yoni and represents Goddess Parvati and also the energy of this world. 
The lower parts represents the existence and evolution of this universe. They also represent Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma because they make this world exist and change.
Some scientists also say that it represents a nuclear reactor as It looks similar to a nuclear reactor.


According to historians; during excavations of major Indus valley sites, many cylindrical-shaped objects. Possibilities are there that The worshiping of Shivling would have been started from there only. Also during excavations of some other sites in South India; some similar objects have been found which have reported to be 6000-5000 years ago. Many books like Shiv purana, Upanishads, Vedas have mentioned the worship of Shivling at that time.


According to the mythology, once there was a fight between Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma for the point that “Who is greater?”.
Lord Vishnu said that he is greater while Lord Brahma said that He is greater. They both were just quarreling that suddenly beam of light appeared over there.
This beam of light seemed to be endless. Suddenly a voice came from the beam saying that “the one who will find my ends will be more greater.” 
Then as per the instructions both the gods started finding the ends. Lord Vishnu went upwards to find the end while Lord Brahma went downwards to find the end. They both tried again and again but were unable to find the end. 

Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma came again. Lord Vishnu said the truth that he is unable to find the ends while Lord Brahma lied that he found the ends.

Suddenly; Lord Shiva came out of the that beam of light. He said that Lord Vishnu said the truth so he is on the right way but Lord Brahma said a lie so he is on the wrong way. He declared that Lord Vishnu is the supreme.

After this incident; the beam of light came to be worshiped in a cylindrical pole-shaped object. This object came to be known as a symbol of Lord Shiva thus as Shivling. 


The Shivling is an abstract monotheistic representation of Lord Shiva. Actually, this is a symbol of the whole universe. It was specifically designed for increasing concentration and radiate positive vibes. 
It tells us that Lord Shiva is the supreme reality within himself and is present in each & every object. Now in this form, we worship the formless or nirguna manifestation of him. 
It also represents the beam of light which was endless. Now this beam came to be made as a cylindrical pole-shaped object.

Now let’s talk about the rest of the parts of the shivling. The dish part called peetham; represents Goddess Durga. It reminds us that Goddess Durga is the energy of Lord Shiva. This tells us that she is also the energy of the whole universe on which it runs. 
The lower parts of the Shivling represents “Sthiti” and “Srsti”. “Sthiti” represents Lord Vishnu. Sthiti means existence as Lord Vishnu maintains and preserves the universe. 
He creates the existence of universe. “Srsti” means evolution. This represents Lord Brahma as he is the creator of the universe. He continuously creates the world. He is the one who design, manufactures and executes the world.

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