What is Meditation? What are it’s benefits for our body?


meditation in hindi meaning

What is Meditation? What are it’s benefits for our body?

As you all know, In today’s life, people don’t even have time to rest or take a break. This much busy and extreme lifestyle causes Stress and Anxiety which further becomes Depression.

Even the doctors have said that today’s most dangerous disease is not any cancer or virus, but it is Depression. It is estimated that each one of the 3 persons suffers from Depression in today’s world.

It’s such a deep thing that it leads to suicides, coma, heart attacks and all. Now the good thing is that this problem has a solution. That solution is only Meditation. Only a man who is engaged in Meditation can beat these problems.

Since the ages, our ancestors have been engaged in this practice, known as Meditation. This was the way by which our ancestors controlled their emotions and became able to fight such problems. 

Meditation is a practice of concentrating our mind into one thing and making it calm. It is a system of taking our mind into a state called zero-thought state. This is a situation where the mind becomes empty and free of thoughts.

Many Historians suggest that this practice was mainly developed in India. From there it spread to the Eastern countries, like China and Japan. Its importance is mentioned in many religions.


Our mind is full of thoughts. Thousands of thoughts come and go in just a flash. Just sit alone in any silent place and see your mind. You will see bundles of thoughts in your mind. 

This state of thinking so much is known as Overthinking. From the above points, this thing would be looking like a normal thing. But believe it, Overthinking is a very dangerous problem.

According to researchers, 80% of people who suffer from stress or anxiety have this habit of Overthinking. People who have a calm and stable mind are wise and not those who overthink.

You know, regretting about the past or fearing from the future; these all are signs of Overthinking. When you start thinking so much about your past or future; this leads to Stress and sometimes it becomes Depression.

Our ancestors knew that this is the main cause of stress. So they devised a system of such practices that could make our mind stable and free of thoughts. This system was called Meditation.

So meditation is a way of concentrating our mind into one thing rather than focusing on many things. This is done by achieving a state called Zero-thought state. This is a state where our mind becomes empty of all thoughts and starts living in the present moment.

Now there are various ways of doing meditation. 

It can be done by focusing on any one thought or any one object. It can also be done by chanting any one Mantra or rosary beads. It can also be done by doing Yoga.

The majority of people do meditation by chanting rosary beads or any Mantra such as Om. 


Meditation has its own advantages and disadvantages. While there are many benefits of doing Meditation. This practice affects our body, mind, emotions and behavior. There are various types of benefits for doing meditation.

Below I have given many benefits of doing meditation:-


  • Practicing Meditation reliefs the mind from stress and anxiety. As it makes the mind stable and brings in the present moment.

  • It prevents Depression. As I told you above, it reliefs from stress and anxiety. The main cause of Depression is stress only and that is prevented by Meditation.

  • It cools down the mind. Our mind is just like a car engine. When used excessively, it starts heating up which causes laziness. Meditation acts like a coolant to it.

  • Reduces Anger, Fear and Lazyness. As I told you when our mind overthinks very much, we start becoming angry, lazy and fearful. This is prevented by meditation.

  • This improves our productivity. As we become less lazy, we start working more and more. In this way, Meditation makes us more productive.


  • It lowers our B.P. As I told you, meditation makes us less angry as it calms down the mind. So by this, our blood pressure level is also lowered down.

  • This improves the functioning of the heart. As it lowers down the blood pressure, it also regulates the flow of blood which in turn improves our heart as well.

  • It improves our lungs and respiration. The main role of meditation is breathing. Regularly practicing breathing in this exercise improves our respiration.

  • It improves our digestion and stomach. Meditation improves our metabolism, which in turn also improves our digestion and our stomach.

  • This makes our brain strong. Now it’s no rocket science to understand this point. As the main role of meditation is to improve our brain and mind only.


  • It increases our patience and tolerance. When our mind becomes calm, we start less worrying, thus we become more patient and tolerant.

  • We become less angry and start behaving calmly. As I told you above, meditation prevents us from being more angry about things.

  • We forgive more. As we become more patient along with doing meditation, we become more tolerant and forgive more.

  • We become open-minded. When our mind reaches the zero-thought state, thereafter it starts thinking in newer perspectives.

  • As the emotions like anger, greed and fear goes away, we become more well-mannered and our speaking skills improve. 


Today’s world is full of stress and anxiety. People have become so busy in their life that they can’t focus on their sleeping, food and water habits. While these are the most important things of our life.

Many statistics say that in the future, the rate of depression will increase by 70%. The main cause of this problem is imbalance. When we have an imbalance in life, we get collapsed. 

The only way of bringing balance in your life is to make your mind stable. 

In today’s world, most of the people live an imbalanced life. Also, one other cause of this problem is overthinking, whom I have told you earlier.

And this can be done only by meditation. The only way of dealing with stress is Meditation. That’s why I’m emphasizing on it very much. 

Meditation is a practice of controlling your mind and making it calm. Remember a mind can become our friend as well as our enemy as well. 

Many people take so many wrong decisions just after coming on their emotions. So meditation also controls our mind so that we are not controlled by our emotions, but we control our emotions.


Since meditation makes the mind calm, it should be done in a quiet and silent place. Choose a place where there is no noise, and also obviously that place which is your most favorite. 

Also remember one thing that if you are extremely happy or sad, then don’t do it as it will become difficult for you to focus and it will put more burden on your mind. I have given the whole guide to practice meditation step-by-step. 

  • FIND A SUITABLE PLACE, which is cool, clean and dry. Also, if it is your favorite place then it will be better.

  • RELAX YOUR MIND AND STOP FOCUSING ON YOUR THOUGHTS. Sit quietly and relax your mind. Don’t focus on anything or any thought.

  • TAKE DEEP BREATHS AND CHANT OM. Take deep breaths, and slowly say Om. Repeatedly say it and focus on your mind.

  • TRY TO THINK NOTHING. I know it will be difficult as a beginner but try to think nothing as much as possible. Like this, your mind will relax.

  • YOU CAN TAKE ANY ROSARY AND CHANT ON BEADS. If possible, you can also take any rosary such as Rudraksha mala or Tulsi mala and chant on it.


The meditation which I told you above is the simplest and basic type of meditation. However, there are many other types of meditation as well.

Different types of meditation have evolved in different cultures and different regions. Some of the most popular types of Meditation are given below. 

  • MEDITATION OF THOUGHTS. This type of meditation is mostly practiced among Buddhists. In this type of meditation, we focus on our thoughts and try to avoid thinking, while ensuring that we are not engaged in it.

  • MEDITATION OF MUSIC. Many people also meditate by listening several types of voices. These voices can be natural voices or can be Binaural Beats. Voices such as the sound of breeze, sound of trees, sound of water etc. are example of it.

  • MEDITATION BY CHANTING BEADS. This type of meditation is mostly popular in Hinduism. People take any rosary beads such as Rudraksh or Tulsi and chant on it by saying any Mantra.

  • MEDITATION OF MANTRA. This type of meditation is the most popular one in the whole world. Almost every beginner starts from here only. In this, we repeatedly say any Mantra such as Om, and try to focus on it while taking deep breaths.

  • MEDITATION OF YOGA. This type of meditation is just a mixture of basic meditation with some Yoga asanas. In this, people do any Yogasana such as Pranayama or Anulom-vilom while sitting in Padmasana.

  • MEDITATION OF CHAKRAS. This type of meditation is usually practiced by those who want to heal their Chakras. In this type of meditation, we generally visualize any particular Chakra on any specific location. While trying to focus on it.


The first mentions of this practice comes in the religious texts of Hinduism. It is mentioned in the Vedas as the name “Dhyana”. It would have been probably invented in India only.
But it was not very much popular and was only practiced by the sages and saints. After the birth of Sramana traditions, Jainism and Buddhism started popularizing it and teaching Meditation to the common people.

When Buddhism started spreading all over the world, especially in the eastern cultures, meditation became very much popular there. 

Many religions such as Confucianism, Zen, Taoism and Shintoism mention the importance of Meditation.

After the spreading of meditation in the whole eastern world, it started getting spread in the western world. The Indian traders and Chinese traders popularized it in Arabian and Europian countries. 

Soon it spread over different western cultures such as the Abrahamic religions. In Christianity, people chant the names of Jesus on rosary beads. 

In Islam, the practice of Dhikra is popular. The Muslims chant the names of Allah on their rosary beads called Misbaha. 

But still not many western cultures accept it. Today, because of improved technology, it is widely spreading all over the world.

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