Directions to Keiser University : Navigating Your Path to Success

Directions to Keiser University : Keiser University is a highly esteemed academic institution that has several campuses in the United States. Clear instructions to the campus are crucial whether you’re a new student, visitor, or member of the Keiser University community.

To guarantee a simple and hassle-free trip to your destination, we will answer frequently asked questions and offer comprehensive directions to Keiser University campuses in this post.

Directions to Keiser University Campuses

  1. Keiser University Main Campus (Fort Lauderdale, Florida):
  • By Car: The main campus is easily placed off I-95 if you’re driving there. Proceed west on Commercial Boulevard after taking Exit 32. You’ll see the campus to your right.
  • By Public Transportation: The Fort Lauderdale region is serviced by bus routes run by Broward County Transit. For information on specific bus timetables and routes that will get you close to the university, visit the website of the transport authority.
  1. Keiser University Tampa Campus (Tampa, Florida):
  • By Car: The Tampa location is conveniently located near major highways if you’re driving. Head west on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard after taking I-75’s Exit 266. You’ll see the campus on your left.
  • By Public Transportation: Bus services in the Tampa region are offered by the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART). For information on bus routes and schedules that will get you to the college, check out their website.
  1. Keiser University Flagship Campus (West Palm Beach, Florida):
  • By Car: The main campus is conveniently situated off I-95 if you’re travelling by vehicle. Proceed east on 45th Street after taking Exit 74. Proceed until you get to Military Trail, then make a right turn. You’ll see the campus on your left.
  • By Public Transportation: The public transport company in the area, Palm Tran, provides bus services all across Palm Beach County. To see bus routes and schedules that will transport you close to the university, check their website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are there parking facilities available at Keiser University campuses?

Yes, parking is available for visitors, employees, and students at Keiser University. When you arrive, seek for spaces allocated for parking or heed any directions given by campus security.

What are the operating hours of Keiser University campuses?

The campuses of Keiser University typically run during standard business hours. For precise details on operating hours, it is advised to visit the website of the particular campus or get in touch with the administration.

Are there campus tours available for prospective students and visitors?

Absolutely, prospective students and guests who want to see the facilities and find out more about the campus life can schedule a campus tour with Keiser University. By contacting the admissions office or via the university’s website, you can arrange a tour.

Are there nearby accommodations for out-of-town visitors?

To accommodate guests from outside the area, Keiser course catalog are frequently situated close to hotels, motels, and other lodging choices. For advice on suggested lodging, check the university website or speak with the admissions office.

Is there public transportation available to Keiser University campuses?

There may be bus and train options for public transport, depending on where the campus is located. For information on the routes and schedules of public transportation, it is advised to visit the website of the local transit authority or get in touch with the campus representatives.


It’s important for students, visitors, and newcomers to the university community to know how to find their way to Keiser University campuses. You may make sure that the trip is easy and stress-free by using the resources that are accessible and adhering to the instructions given.

For the most accurate and recent information on routes, parking facilities, working hours, campus tours, and public transport choices, don’t forget to visit the website of the particular campus or get in touch with the administration. Keiser University hopes to have the pleasure of meeting you and wishes you a prosperous and satisfying academic path.

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