Amazing benefits of Rajyoga Meditation you don’t know!

benefits of rajyoga meditation

Amazing Benefits of Rajyoga Meditation

When the point comes to Fitness, you would have surely heard about Yoga. Yoga has become a

common phenomena nowadays. But when we hear about Yoga, we generally think about

Exercises and breathing.

Rajyoga is a type of Yoga. There are many benefits of Rajyoga meditation which you don’t know!

If you start practicing this, you will surely experience the benefits of Rajyoga Meditation.

Surely we think Yoga is just all about breathing and exercises. But for your information, Yoga is

not only those breathing exercises but much more than that! It is related to many things such

as God, fitness, meditation, Ayurveda etc.

Yoga is a spiritual enhancement of one soul which transforms it from an ordinary person to a

divine being. In today’s blog post, I will tell you about Rajyoga Meditation benefits.

Yoga is a practice which helps us to unite our body, mind and soul together. Then to unite

ourselves to God. To realize ourselves and our relation with God, Yoga is practiced. As because

we have forgotten the real nature of ourselves and engaged in this materialistic world. 

We practice Yoga for self-realization and God-realization. Along with ourselves, we have also

forgotten our relation with God. 

So Yoga is a practice which unites our body, mind and soul together. It also unites us with the

almighty God. The Indian saints and sages have always practiced not only for physical benefits

but for spirituality.

Actually, Yoga is a spiritual activity and not a physical exercise. Based on this spirituality, there

are 4 types of Yoga. These are Bhakti Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Karma Yoga and Raj Yoga. Each one has

its own unique purpose and is meant for different people.

Today I’m going to discuss Raj Yoga.

Raj Yoga is a type of Yoga which enhances our mind. It is a type of meditation which focuses on

improving our control on our mind. It is used by people to control their mind and direct it towards


It believes that when our mind will be spiritual and divine, the supreme God himself will come and

reside in it. 


Raj Yoga is a type of Yogic meditation which is used to control our mind, thoughts and emotions.

It makes one realize itself and its relation with God. We are the sons of God.

Raj Yoga believes that we are pure and divine souls. But we have engaged in this world and got

trapped in its materialism. 

Because of this we have forgotten about our real nature. We have forgotten our relationship with


This all has happened because we have lost our control over our senses and intellect. When we

control our mind, we transform into a divine being. 

To control our mind only, Raj Yoga is practiced. Raj Yoga is a method to enhance our control

over our mind and thoughts.

We realize our real self and understand that we are actually a soul. This body is just like a cloth.

Birth and death are just the states of this world. Our soul undergoes this cycle of birth and death

many times.

Until and unless we attain Moksha or Salvation from this world. 

This is the real nature of our soul which we have forgotten due to this world and its materialism. 

So this Yoga first helps to conquer the mind and make a person able to realize the soul and the

real nature of the soul.  

When he realizes the real nature of his soul, he ultimately understands his relation with the

supreme. This is called God realization.


Since Raj Yoga is a kind of Yogic meditation, it mostly focuses on meditation. It has its own

method of meditation. 

Normally, in all types of meditation, you would focus on your breathing or recite any mantra

with some Yogic asanas. 

But in this type of Meditation, you can sit in any position which is comfortable and you would

focus on an object or an image.

You can take any object or any good image. Most simply, you can take an earthen lamp or Diya

and focus on the light of its fire.

Here the simple steps of doing this meditation:


First, choose a place which is suitable for you. The place should be neat and clean. It should be

hygienic and doesn’t contain any type of dirt or filth.

Also, it should be cool and quiet. There should be no type of noise or nuisance. 

This will help you to focus more easily.


In normal types of meditation, usually you would have to sit in a Yoga asana like Padmasana or

Dhyanasana. Also, you would have to keep your hands in any mudra. But here it is different.

In this meditation, you can sit in any position according to your comfort. But it is highly advised

to sit in Padmasana only for maximum benefits. But you can also sit in your own posture. 


When doing the meditation, your mind should not be struck in any thought. Also, there should

be no stress or tension in your mind. Else you will not be able to focus on meditation.

For this, the time of Morning is mostly suitable. As our mind stays fresh in Morning, and we do

not have any kind of stress or doubts. 


Now take any object or image and start focusing on it. It is better to focus on any Vigraham (idol)

of any God such as Lord Rama or Lord Krishna.

Also, you can take any quiet and calm image of any God such as Lord Buddha or Lord Mahavira. 

This will help you to focus more clearly on meditation. Also, it will spread positiveness in your

body and mind.


Raja Yoga is a very unique and simple yoga in itself. It is a very simple Yoga to follow. This Yoga

only consists of Meditation. 

As it is so simple and easy to practice, it is very much useful for normal people. Originally this

Yoga was meant for simple and normal people. 

But many sages and saints also practice it. 

Along with its simplicity and easy procedure, it has its own unique benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of practicing this Yoga:

Relief from stress and anxiety. Like many other Yoga styles and Meditations, this Yoga provides relief from
stress and anxiety. 

This enhances memory and focus. This Yoga is mainly related with Mind, so practicing it improves our
mind’s abilities. It improves memory and concentration.

It controls our emotions and thoughts. This Yoga prevents Negative emotions and thoughts from entering
into our body and our mind. 

Overcomes Negativity. By practicing Raj Yoga meditation, you start seeing everything from a positive
angle. This prevents you from being pessimistic.

It opens all Chakras. By practicing this meditation, all the Chakras are opened. It is very helpful for
people who want to progress on the path of spirituality.

Calms down anger. When you practice Raj Yoga meditation, you start becoming tolerant. Also, controlling
anger also decreases the level of stress and anxiety.

It prevents from doing bad deeds and being lusty, greedy or jealousy. This Yoga makes a person
spiritually awake, which prevents he/she from doing bad deeds.

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