4 Amazing facts about Lord Narasimha

Lord Narasimha is the 4th Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In the Satyayuga, a demon named Hiranyakashyapa had captured most of the earth. He was repeatedly spreading evil and doing mischiefs in the whole world while defeating the Devtas.
Thus Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Lord Narasimha to eradicate the evils from this world. In today’s blog post, I will tell you 4 Amazing Facts about Lord Narasimha.

4 Facts about Lord Narasimha

  • The word Narasimha is made up of two Sanskrit words “Nara” and “Simha”. Nara means a man and Simha means a lion. So Narasimha means a man with half lion body. Lord Narasimha was a man but he had a body of a lion. Actually the demon Hiranyakashpa had a boon that he could not be killed by any Man or Woman or Animal. So he took the form of Half-man and Half-lion, to slay the demon.
  • The two most sacred pilgrimage sites which are dedicated to him are in Andhra Pradesh which are Ahobilam and Kadiri. According to the scriptures, He appeared in Ahobilam as it was the capital of Hiranyakashyapa’s kingdom. He is shown as having a human body but with a lion face and claws.
  • His first Devotee was Prahlada who was the son of the demon Hiranyakashyapa. The demon was envious of Vishnu and he didn’t wanted his son to worship him. However Prahlada was an ardent devotee of Vishnu. So Hiranyakashyapa tried many times to torture him and kill him. But he failed miserably everytime.
  • Narasimha is related to the festival of Holi and is venerated as the central figure of this festival. As he saved Prahlada from being burnt and instead the sister of Demon Hiranyakashyapa, Hidimba died.
  • When Narasimha killed Hiranyakashyapa, his anger was still aggressive. He was roaming all around the world with red eyes and the three worlds were trembling under his fear. Then to subside his anger, All the Devtas approached Lord Shiva to help them. Thus Lord Shiva took the incarnation of Sharabh and came to prevent Narasimha from further damages.

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