10 Amazing Facts about Mahabharata!

Mahabharata is one of the glorious epics of Indian culture. It is a precious gem of Hindu mythology. 
In this blog post, I will tell you 10 Amazing facts about Mahabharata which are very less known and will amaze your mind!


Mahabharata is full of knowledge. In every verse, there is some knowledge hidden. It is so great that its extent of knowledge can’t be measured. You can take the example of Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

In every story, this epic has taught some lessons. Here below, I have taken some best lessons from the epic and given you. The lessons are written below:

  • DO THE WORK BUT DON’T FOCUS ON THE RESULTS :- Lord Krishna in his Gita always advises us to focus on the work rather than the results. The reason is simple because when we think about the result, we will not properly concentrate on the work.

  • TRY TO TAKE YOUR STAND AND FIGHT FOR JUSTICE :- We should always try to take our stand and if possible we should fight for our rights and justice. You can take the example of Pandavas, as when injustice was done with them, they took their stand and fought for justice.

  • HALF KNOWLEDGE IS A WHOLE LIE AND IS DANGEROUS :- If you want to do a work, you should have proper knowledge of it first. Half knowledge of that work can always lead to disasters. One such example of it is Arjun’s son Abhimanyu and his half knowledge of Warfare which led him to death.

  • DON’T GIVE UP NO MATTER HOW MUCH BIG IS THE PROBLEM :- We should never fear from the problems. Rather than we should always try to tackle it and come out of it. The best example of it is Karna. He always had hurdles in his life, but he never feared them and always showed courage to fight them.

  • BAD COMPANY CAN ALWAYS RUIN YOUR WHOLE LIFE :- A bad company can always lead you to destruction. Shakuni, the man behind all of the destruction of Kauravas was really an enemy in disguise as a friend for these Kauravas. Only because of his company, Duryodhana became so egoistic.

  • ALWAYS TRY TO HAVE A STRATEGY FOR EVERY SITUATION :- Successful people are Successful planners. You can take the example of Lord Krishna. If he and his master plans wouldn’t have been there; It could have been impossible for the Pandavas to fight and defeat the Kauravas 


While being so philosophical, Mahabharata is also very mysterious. It has many amazing and interesting facts hidden in it. Everytime you read this epic, you will find something new or interesting.

Here I have some interesting facts about this grand epic, which can bring a big surprise to your face!!

  • All the places, instances, countries etc. which are mentioned in Mahabharata are in this real world!! Places like Dwaraka, Kurukshetra and Hastinapur; all are present in the real life world. This is a big proof for those fools who think that like other epics this epic is also just a fictional story.

  • First time this epic was read by Vaishampayan (disciple of Rishi Vyasa) in the courts of King Janamejaya (great-grandson of Arjun). Also it was first listened to by the courtiers present there.

  • There is not only 1 Gita but 8 other Gitas also present in this World!! These other Gitas come from different sources and are different. But Krishna’s Gita is said to be the complete and greatest Gita. Some names of the other Gitas are Ashtavakra Gita, Isvara Gita (which was said by Lord Shiva), Vyadh Gita, Parashar Gita etc.

  • Lord Yamraj (the god of death) had a very special role in Mahabharata. He was the father of Yudhisthira. He was incarnated as the wise Vidur who was the strategist of Kauravas. Also he disguised himself as a dog and accompanied Yudhishthira on his whole journey to heaven.

  • We normally see Shakuni on the side of Kauravas but the real story is that the actual intention of Shakuni was the downfall of the Kauravas. Once Dhritarashtra had captured his family members and killed all of them. Since then he took a vow to kill all the Kauravas which he did with the help of Pandavas.

  • The youngest Pandava, Sahdev knew everything about the future and the war. But he had a curse that if he revealed everything, he would immediately die. That’s why he remained silent all the time and spoke nothing.

  • All the Pandavas were actually the sons of Gods. As Pandu had a curse that he could not make intimate relations with any women, his wife Kunti asked from God for all her sons. Karna was the son of Surya, Yuddhisthira of Yamraj, Bhima of Vayu, Arjun of Indra and Nakula-Sahdev were sons of Ashwins.

  • In the whole war, one Pandava and one Kaurava each fought from opposite sides. Well I’am talking about Karna, the Pandava who fought from the Kaurava side and Yuyutsu, a Kaurava who fought from the Pandava side.

  • Mahabharata is sometimes referred to as the fifth veda by many texts due to its intense knowledge. This epic is full of knowledge and because of this we find mentions of Mahabharata as a fifth veda in many texts.

  • On the last day of the war, Ashwatthama secretly entered into the camps of Pandavas at night time. He quietly killed all the sons of Pandavas. Due to his cowardness, Lord Krishna gave him a curse that He will not die and will roam here and there in search of food on this earth till the end of this world.

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